• manimo weighted animals

    Our manimo® weighted animals, perfect for deep pressure stimulation.

  • MosaIQ Zoo

    Play, learn and move with MosaIQ Zoo !

  • Poull Ball Game

    Discover our latest video to our new sport game POULL BALL

Megaform distributes the following brands

  • Ark Therapeutics
  • Comfy
  • Dom Sports
  • Manimo
  • Megaform
  • Megaform Eco
  • Omnikin
  • Park&Sun Sports
  • Pedateck
  • PedaYoga
  • Poull Ball
  • Sand Socks
  • Skillastics
  • Spordas
  • Stimove
  • Swing Ping Pong
  • Tangle Creations
  • XPlore

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