Bonkerball Set Bonkerball Set
Bonkerball Set

Bonkerball Set

Can you imagine 6 simultaneous softball games being played at the same time and on the same court? All this is going on safely by being color controlled. To differentiate teams and avoid confusion, every set is shipped with 6 color-matched pairs of bats and balls. Bats are made of safe dense foam rubber with reinforcing plastic inner tube.
Junior bat: length 69cm, weight 325g.
Senior bat: length 74cm, weight 390g.
Ball: diameter 9cm, weight 40g.

To play 'Bonkerball', you need six teams of 5 or 6 players playing simultaneously on a basketball court. 2 cones per team are placed on the sidelines of the pitch. The players are divided into 2-3 fielders, 1 pitcher, 1 catcher and 1 batter.
The batter throws the ball and hits it with the bat. He or she runs with the bat in their hand (if they drop it they have to pick it up), then reach the other end of the field, pass behind the cone and come back to the starting point. During this time, the fielders must retrieve the ball as quickly as possible and return it to the catcher in successive passes. When the catcher receives the ball, he or she places it on the cone. If the batter passes the cone before the ball is placed on it, he or she scores a point. In the opposite case, no point is scored. In both cases, the players change places after each round, and another person must bat. The game proceeds for a predefined number of batting rounds.
Matches are played either individually (each player totals his or her own points) or as a team (adding up the points of all the players on the same team, on the same pitch).

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Ref. P10959
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