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Bumball Ball

Bumball Ball

Ball specially designed to play Bumball.

Bumball is an innovative ballgame for both children and adults which is easy to learn and fun to play. The basic principle is that it is easily adjusted to match player's physical and motor function skills.
How to play Bumball ?
Bumball is a velcro-ballgame involving two opposing teams. A soft ball is being passed between players which are allowed to catch the ball only with their velcro padded chest or bum.
A team scores when a player catches the ball in a goal zone (spot marker placed on the floor). The team with the highest score wins.
Bumball can be played outdoors as well as indoors. Outdoors, any surface – hard, grass or sand – can be used.
Educational assets of Bumball: hand-eye coordination, passes, running, breaking free from one’s opponent…
Values of the game: teamwork, fair play, creativity, strategy, responsibility, commitment, conflict solving.

Ref. M415000

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Additional Information

Ref. M415000
Practice place inside, outside
Material 100% polyester
Diameter 17 cm
Weight 200 g
Color black/white