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Curling Set

Curling Set

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This Curling Game is suitable for both able-bodied and disabled people. It can be played individually (each player using 4 stones) or as a team of two players using two stones each.
This set includes 4 red and 4 blue Curling stones and a carrying bag. The Curling stones are made from rubber compound and contain 3 steel bearings in the housings underneath this enables the Curling stones to run over smooth flooring.
Each stone is 130g – 18cm wide – 8cm high including handle. Bag size 42cmx37cm.
Total weight: 10,5kg.

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Ref. M112132

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Ref. M112132
Brand Kurling


Recommanded playing surface : wooden or vinyl floors, marble or any other smooth surfaces are best.
It can be played on carpet tiles, but definitely not in proper carpet.
Customers will need to ensure the floor is clean as small particles of dust can pick up in the bearings and slow the stones momentum.