Frequently Asked Questions


Who can become a customer of Megaform?
At Megaform, we work with distributors and wholesalers active in the field of education, sports and solutions for special needs

Is there a minimum order quantity or value?
There is no minimum quantity or value to reach for your orders.
However, since we are organized as a wholesaler (and not as a distributor), we charge an administrative fee of 15€ (excl. VAT) for any order below 150€ (excl. VAT).

How to become a customer?
If you meet the customer requirements mentioned here above, please complete the account creation form.
If you don’t meet the customer requirements but would like to contact us, please fill in the contact form with your request or question.
Your request will be processed, and we will reply within 48 hours (on working days).


What is the buying process ?
1.    Place your order directly on our website or send it by email at
2.    Our customer service will send you an order confirmation indicating the availability of the products and the estimated shipping date.
3.    Your order will be prepared at our warehouse.

Can I modify my order?
You can modify your order the same day you send it and before 4pm Central European time. After that, it won’t be possible to make any modification anymore.

Can I get samples of your products?
To make a sample request, please contact our customer service at


In case of prepayment, our customer service sends you the proforma invoice once the goods have been prepared. This way you will pay only for the available goods and freight costs (if applicable).
As soon as the payment is received on our bank account, we will proceed with the shipment of the goods.

In case of payment on invoice, the goods are prepared and shipped immediately. The invoice will be sent a few days after the shipment. Payment must be made following the agreed payment terms.


Where are my orders delivered?
The ordered goods are sent to the delivery address registered in your account.
Any changes of this address must be notified to our customer service.

Can I choose my own carrier?
There are 3 options for delivery:

  • We ship the goods by our own carrier. This is the way we proceed by default, without any request from your side.
  • You can book your own carrier to pick up the goods if requested by you.
  • We can make a price request at our forwarder and submit it to you for approval. You can then decide whether you come to pick up the goods or if we organize the transport with our forwarder.

In case of any question regarding transport, please contact:

Can I have delivery made directly to my customer?
Megaform only works on a BtoB basis. Therefore, we only ship to companies and cannot provide your final customers with direct delivery.

How are shipping costs calculated?
The freight costs are calculated based on the number of parcels/pallets, weight and dimensions and the country of destination.


How late can I make a claim?
For any quality problem, our products are guaranteed 1 year.
For problems concerning deliveries, please send your complaints within 10 working days after receipt of the goods at the latest.

Damaged goods or articles are missing ?
1.    When you receive the items, you are required to express reserves on the CRM; 
2.    Fully inspect the compliance of each product sent;
3.    Send an email describing your problem within 10 working days of delivery to:;
a.    In case of damaged products, please add pictures;
4.    Complete and send us by e-mail the “complaint and return” form that you will receive in response to your request;
5.    We will process your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

You have not received your parcel?
1.    Check with your tracking number where your parcel is;
2.    If the tracking indicates that your parcel has been delivered but you have not received it, please send an e-mail to:;
3.    If the parcel is lost, please complete the declaration of loss that we will send you by e-mail and send it back to us at the same address as soon as possible;
4.    We will process your request and get back to you as soon as possible.


What about the items I ordered but which are not available?
The estimated shipping date of the unavailable items is mentioned on the order confirmation.
All ordered and unavailable items are booked for you and will be automatically shipped once available with your next order.
If you do not want to receive these backordered items, please send an e-mail to: