Junior Kendo Bats - pair Junior Kendo Bats - pair
Junior Kendo Bats - pair

Junior Kendo Bats - pair

Specially adapted for children from 8-12 years old, this bat enables to teach Kendo, a martial art, safely and with a minimal equipment (no protection needed). Kendo is about touching his opponent and, at the same time, avoiding being touched. The handle of the Kendo bat is divided in two parts by a ring to show the ideal position of both hands (mandatory).
Bat diameter: 7cm. Weight: 330g.

Martial arts have three dimensions which are combat, technique and self-defense. The purpose of Kendo in schools is to show that the strength ratio that is typical of martial arts can be used to stimulate the capacity for thinking. For this to happen, there must be no winners or losers, but learners.
The aim is to provide a reflection where school kendo is practiced as a game of touches, tricks and interactions. It is about touching the other in the context of adapted confrontations but respecting physical (controlling the touch) and social (respecting the other) equilibrium.
Martial arts are conceived as methods of education, and the physical and sports activities they use remain means of education. In this regard, we recommend that the practice of kendo remains supervised.
The golden rules:
- Do not hurt, do not hurt yourself, do not let hurt;
- the stake of the fight is not worth the other one' s integrity;
- free choice of partner ;
- the strongest one puts himself at the level of the other one to make him progress;
- to know how to interrupt the fight appropriately.

Ref. M490202

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Ref. M490202
Brand Spordas
Practice place inside
Material stick / handle foam
Length 66 cm
Color blue/orange