Lü interactive

Lü: from a classic sports hall to an interactive gym

Welcome to the world of Lü’s interactive gym!

Lü is an intelligent spatial environment that understands and reacts to player behaviour and interactions in real time. Thanks to our platform that transforms gyms or any other closed space into a real interactive gym, participants can combine their passion for interactive games with physical activity. Lü transforms any gym into an immersive learning space to awaken children's senses.

The magic behind Lü

What makes Lü so exciting and innovative is above all what the participants do not see. Using information from ceiling-mounted 3D cameras, Lü directs games by projecting various interactive elements onto the walls. Real-time synchronised lighting and sound systems provide full participant immersion for an experience that is simply unique.

The 3 Lü configurations

The Lü system is available in 3 different configurations to best suit any space and experience. Thanks to the different technical components of each configuration, participants live a totally immersive and interactive experience! Megaform works in partnership with its distributors to ensure that the Lü system fits perfectly into your customers' spaces.


système Lü configuration UNOAn interactive wall. Discover the Lü experience for smaller spaces.


système interactif Lü configuration DUOTwo interactive walls. The complete experience for large groups.


système Lü configuration MOBILEA mobile interactive wall. Easy to move for use in various locations.