Mini-Tchoukball Frame 76x76cm

Mini-Tchoukball Frame 76x76cm

Tchoukball provides a frame in tempered steel and can be used for playing, handling exercices and for training reflexes.
Thanks to its smaller size the Mini Tchoukball can be easily stored in a car for instance.

Tchoukball is a sport of ball and teamwork played with two inclined frames that 'deflect' the ball and is characterised by the suppression of any form of physical aggression between opponents. It's a game discovered in Switzerland, promoting fair play: 'we play with rather than against', with 'no aggression, and no contact'. To score a point, the attacking team makes passes. It must shoot the ball onto the frame so that, after the rebound, the ball touches the ground before being intercepted by the opposing team.
Playing area: 40x20m or 20x20m including 2 forbidden zones in the shape of a semi-circle with a radius of 3m.
Two tchoukball frames inclined at 55° (2 frames for bipolar, only one for unipolar).
Two teams of maximum 9 players + 3 reserves. Substitution takes place in the middle of the field only after a point is scored.
3 referees - 1 handball.
Length of play: for men, 3x15min, for ladies and under 16 year-olds (3x12min) - with 5 min rest.

Ref. M435460

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Ref. M435460
Brand Megaform
Type Non-adjustable
Accessories delivered with net
Weight 7 kg
Foldable Foldable
Dimensions 76x76cm
Color blue