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MosaIQ Zoo


MosaIQ Zoo is a game that can be used by everyone, but it is especially aimed at kindergartens and primary schools. The game combines movement and learning. It can be played both indoors or outdoors and it is easy to grab, simple to understand and quickly to get started.
MosaIQ Zoo is based on the story about runaway animals from a Zoo. The players are the zookeepers who must help to capture the runaway animals (illustrated on the 48 cards included in the game).
This game also allows to set up several activities centered around cooperation combined with physical activity. More than 10 different activities, where cooperation, coordination, and precision are essential, are described in the rulebook. The activities contribute to the game’s universe and provide variation from one game to another and also help to adapt the game to the players age and abilities.
The animal cards offer many opportunities for play, conversation, movement and even orientation.
The cards are very durable and resistant to water, wind, and sun making them perfectly suited to be used outdoors at any time!

The game MosaIQ Zoo develops:
• Strategic thinking
• Perseverance
• Cooperation
• Physical exercise
• Coordination
• Reflection

The game includes:
• 48 animal cards
• 6 cards with team colors
• 6 x 6 bands with team colors
• 1 carry bag
• 1 rule sheet

The MosaIQ Zoo Rulebook including many activities you can add and all information you need about the animals is also available in different languages. This rulebook must be ordered separately.

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Ref. M414980
Age 3 - 8 years old


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Customer testimonials:
The children are quickly captured by the narrative, and one of the best things about MosaIQ Zoo is that no one is still. Everyone is moving and going at the same time.’
Mette Gram, Pedagogue at before & after school care, Østerbro.
The game “MosaIQ Zoo” is highly recommended for all pedagogues and school teachers. It is game where play is the central, driving force with a focus on the joy of movement, cooperation, communication, curiosity, and imagination. The game has a special potential for development that most professionals can use to their advantage in the pedagogical work with children’s well-being, learning, and development. MosaIQ Zoo can absolutely contribute to a varied and versatile school day.’
Mette Skovhus, Cand. Pæd. in Physical Exercise and Lecturer at VIA University College, Randers.