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MosaIQ Zoo

MosaIQ Zoo

MosaIQ Zoo is a game for all children from 3 years old and can be played indoors and outdoors.
It develops motor skills, cooperation, coordination, memory, strategic thinking... and stimulates the psychomotor development of children through a range of activities that are at the same time athletic, educational and fun.
With young children, the focus will be on play and history. The animal cards also offer many opportunities for play, conversation, movement and even orientation. With a group of older participants, more motivated by competition, the instructor will focus more on teamwork, as well as on the benefits of constructive cooperation.
The instructor leads the game, tells the story described in the rules of the game and determines the different parameters according to the children’s age and abilities. Participants are divided into teams of 2 to 6 players and are the "guardians of the zoo"; they must capture and bring back to their cage the "runaway animals" (from the elephant to the ant through the dog and the panda...) which are represented on each of the 48 cards. These cards are scattered on the playground (schoolyard, football field, sports hall...). The animal cards can be placed upside down for more difficulty.
The instructor tells each team the animals to be found. One by one, the players bring back the cards to their starting base. The game ends when all the cards have been found.
Depending on the children’s abilities and the available time, the instructor can add a challenge/task before bringing the animal back into its cage. Different challenges are described in the rulebook that can be ordered separately, but the instructor can also be creative and invent its own challenges.
At the end of each session the instructor can ask the children about the characteristics of the captured animals or the children can classify the animals according to different criteria (weight / size / habitat / etc).
The game includes:
- 48 animal cards made to last, used outdoors they resist under bad weather conditions
- 6 different color cards to distinguish the teams
- 6 x 6 different colored armbands to identify members of the same team
- The rules of the game
The MosaIQ Zoo Rulebook including many tasks/challenges you can add to the game and all information you need about the animals is also available in different languages. This rulebook must be ordered separately.

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Ref. M414980
Age 3 - 8 years old


Customer testimonials:
The children are quickly captured by the narrative, and one of the best things about MosaIQ Zoo is that no one is still. Everyone is moving and going at the same time.’
Mette Gram, Pedagogue at before & after school care, Østerbro.
The game “MosaIQ Zoo” is highly recommended for all pedagogues and school teachers. It is game where play is the central, driving force with a focus on the joy of movement, cooperation, communication, curiosity, and imagination. The game has a special potential for development that most professionals can use to their advantage in the pedagogical work with children’s well-being, learning, and development. MosaIQ Zoo can absolutely contribute to a varied and versatile school day.’
Mette Skovhus, Cand. Pæd. in Physical Exercise and Lecturer at VIA University College, Randers.