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My first Finnish Skittles

My first Finnish Skittles

Finnish skittles game for the young players. Made of 100% natural rubber foam, these colored skittles are very soft, do not hurt and are silent. For safe use indoors and outdoors. This game is perfect to work on tossing and precision skills but also on arithmetic and teamwork skills. The set consists of 12 numbered skittles, one bat and one carrying bag.

Fun, didactic, safe and durable!
Discover our range of Rubbabu toys. Rubbabu toys are the only ones in the world that are made out of natural rubber foam.
These soft, colorful fuzzy toys are perfect for ages 0-6 years or for therapy use. Rubbabu toys excite the imagination. Moreover, Rubbabu toys can be considered as ECO materials:
· They are made out of latex, that originates from a rubber tree or an Hevea;
· Raw materials are then biodegradable and renewable (an Hevea produces latex for 25 years approximately);
· They are made by hand, using mechanical processes instead of chemical processes.

Ref. M452278

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Additional Information

Ref. M452278
Brand Rubbabu
Material natural rubber
Height 11.50 cm
Diameter 5 cm
Color 6 colors