Our brands

Our brands


MEGAFORM markets its own branded products and is the proud owner of the Megaform®, Spordas® and Stimove® brands:

Spordas brand logoSpordas® - Where Play Meets Progress

At Spordas®, we are proud to be a leading European brand that brings a unique blend of innovation and global inspiration to the world of physical education products. Our carefully selected range is specifically designed for the institutional market with a focus on psychomotor activities and sports initiation.

  • Spordas® products are meticulously crafted to encourage the development of psychomotor skills and foster a love for sports from an early age. We understand the significance of physical education in a holistic curriculum. Our products are tailored to contribute effectively to the overall development of students.

  • Every Spordas® item is designed with a clear didactic purpose. Our products are not just tools, but valuable aids for learning and skill development. We believe in making the learning process enjoyable. Spordas® products are crafted to initiate students into the world of physical activity with a sense of joy and playfulness.

  • Safety is paramount. Our products are engineered to be user-friendly, ensuring that they do not cause any harm or discomfort during use.

  • Many of our products are available as a set of six colors. With six vibrant colors, Spordas® makes group organization a breeze. This feature enables quick and efficient coordination in any educational setting.

  • Spordas® prides itself on offering a range of innovative and exclusive items. Innovative activity ideas and products are the catalysts for getting more kids active. They inspire curiosity, motivation and inclusivity, engaging students beyond traditional sports. By breaking down barriers, we pave the way for a lifelong love of movement. Join us in revolutionizing physical education and creating a future where every child can succeed.

  • While we deliver superior quality, Spordas® maintains a reasonable price range in order to make our products available to as many people as possible

Megaform brand logo Megaform® - Elevating Traditional Sports

At Megaform®, we're committed to providing facilities with the tools and resources they need to facilitate comprehensive and engaging physical education programs. With our wide range of traditional sports equipment, versatile activities and essential training tools, we provide the building blocks for success. Join us in empowering people of all ages to enjoy the benefits of physical activity and sportsmanship.

  • Excellence in traditional sports: Megaform® is your source for a wide range of traditional sports equipment, from football and volleyball to track and field. We provide the essential tools needed to compete at a high level in these traditional activities. Megaform specializes in providing basic, essential products that form the cornerstone of any physical education program. Our offerings are carefully curated to meet the basic needs of institutions and ensure a solid foundation for physical education activities.

  • Activities for everyone: Unlike specialized sports brands, Megaform® prides itself on offering activities for everyone, regardless of skill level or experience. Our products are designed to be accessible, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the benefits of exercise.

  • Comprehensive Training Solutions: We understand the importance of proper training in achieving athletic excellence. Megaform® offers a wide range of training tools and resources to support athletes and enthusiasts in their pursuit of excellence.

  • Accessible Quality: We believe that quality should be available to everyone. Megaform® offers competitive pricing without compromising the quality of our products. Our goal is to make quality sports equipment and education accessible to facilities of all sizes.

Stimove brand logo Stimove® - Stimulation that moves your Senses!

At Stimove®, we are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals, especially children, with specific sensory needs. Our brand is synonymous with providing innovative, non-medical solutions that use playfulness to foster a positive relationship with their bodies and movements.

  • Our solutions are designed to empower individuals, particularly children, by helping them feel more comfortable in their own bodies. Through engaging and playful experiences, we aim to build confidence and self-assurance.

  • Not Medical Treatments, but Powerful Aids: It's important to note that Stimove® products are not medical treatments. Instead, they serve as powerful aids that complement existing therapeutic approaches. Our offerings provide a valuable extra layer of support in a colorful, gentle, and safe manner.

  • Stimove® products are vibrant and colorful, creating an environment that encourages exploration and self-expression. We believe that by infusing creativity into sensory stimulation, we can unlock new dimensions of personal development.

In addition to its own brands, MEGAFORM is also a European distributor of the following quality brands:

Park&Sun brand logoPark&Sun Sports®: Famous brand that is a specialist in high quality outdoor sports equipment and leisure games.

Sand Socks brand logoSand Socks®: Renowned brand that produces specialized athletic footwear designed for beach sports, offering superior traction and protection in sandy and hot or cold environments.

Comfy brand logo   COMFY®: Known for producing versatile foam pool noodles, Comfy® offers a range of water-based recreation and safety products.

Tangle brand logoTangle®: Creates a variety of sensory and fidget toys designed to provide tactile stimulation and promote relaxation.

ARK Therapeutics brand logoARK Therapeutics®: Specialized in the development of innovative medical and therapeutic products with a special focus on sensory and oral motor challenges.

manimo brand logomanimo®: Creates weighted products that are designed to provide comfort and support for people with sensory processing challenges.

PedaYoga brand logoPedaYoga®: Playful, child-focused yoga practices that promote a holistic approach to physical and emotional well-being in a vibrant and engaging learning environment.

Rubbabu brand logoRubbabu®: Known for creating eco-friendly toys and educational products from natural rubber foam that provide safe and sensory play experiences for children.

Lü interactive playgrounds brand logoLü® - Interactive Playgrounds: Pioneering brand that specializes in creating immersive and interactive environments for education, fitness and play, revolutionizing the learning experience through technology-enabled physical activity. Click here to get more information about Lü Interactive Playgrounds.

Marbotic brand logoMarbotic®: Combines traditional wooden toys with interactive technology to create educational games that enhance early childhood learning through a tactile and digital experience.