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Poull Ball Giant Ball

Poull Ball Giant Ball

This robust giant ball has been specially designed for the practice of Poull Ball and has its own features such as its rebound and ease of handling (weight, touch, flight characteristics).

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Ref. M402268

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Ref. M402268
Brand Poull Ball
Level training and school
Practice place inside, outside
Diameter 55 cm
Delivered inflated / uninflated Delivered non-inflated
User child/teenager/adult
Color green


Poull Ball is a new fair play sport that aims to give everyone the chance to evolve. It is a very accessible mixed sport activity that allows the integration of all in a fluent and spectacular game. The emphasis of the sport is on effort and positioning as opposed to violent physical contacts. The goal of the game that opposes two teams of 5 players is to knock down the target (multicolored die) with a ball of 55cm diameter after at least 3 passes without entering the forbidden circle zone. The game is done only by passes, which generates an empowerment of all the players of the team. The best point about Poull Ball is how easy it is to learn. Our portable Big Red Base system is perfect for playing Poull Ball (use the base together with our small post and Poull Ball platform). However, the inflatable Poull Ball die can also be placed onto a vaulting box often present in any sports hall or on any other suitable support that is high and stable enough.