School Hockey Set School Hockey Set School Hockey Set
School Hockey Set

School Hockey Set

Designed to bring the Field Hockey game alife in your sportshall! The combination of the durable foam-headed sticks with the safe, non-bouncing balls makes this set perfect for Hockey initiation at school.
The sticks' shape is ideal and identical to a regular size Field Hockey stick. Sticks are very durable yet safe to use thanks to their foam head and easy to manipulate on the gymfloor. A big educational asset of these sticks is the fact that their PU-foam heads show a green color side on their flat inner part (the ball must be pushed with this side) and a red color side on their rounded outer side (forbidden to touch the ball with this side). Sticks also feature a 25cm long antislip grip. Shaft material: PE. Head material: PU foam. This set is available in two sizes: junior size with stick length: 34.5 inch (87,60cm); teenager size with stick length: 36.5 inch (92,70cm).
Set contains: 12 School Hockey sticks and 6 School Hockey balls.

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Brand Spordas