Set of 3 Cardiogoal Pop-up Baskets video video Set of 3 Cardiogoal Pop-up Baskets Set of 3 Cardiogoal Pop-up Baskets Set of 3 Cardiogoal Pop-up Baskets
Set of 3 Cardiogoal Pop-up Baskets

Set of 3 Cardiogoal Pop-up Baskets

These colorful baskets with convenient handles are a valuable and easy tool for working on motor skills as putting down a ball, throwing a ball (different throwing methods). They also allow you to work on skills as coordination, memorization, color and number recognition. Above all, these baskets are ideal for learning the basics of the new sport Cardiogoal and are therefore the ideal tool for the introduction of this new fair play team sport to younger children.
The baskets are appropriate from a very young age (3 years old) as well as excellent for adapted physical education.
Baskets are made of sturdy polyester fabric. Basket height: 65cm. Baskets can be folded flat for easy storage and transport.

Cardiogoal is a new team sport that pits two mixed teams of 6 players against each other: 4 players on the field and 2 substitutes who enter and leave freely. The game consists of passing the ball through one of the three colored circles (yellow-blue-red) placed vertically at a total height of 3 meters. Each ring color corresponds to a number of points (red: 15 points, blue: 10 points, yellow: 5 points). The team with the most points wins the game.
Cardiogoal is a sport inspired by the Luc-l├ęger test (endurance and speed test) and various other sports such as Ultimate, basketball, handball, or American football. Based on attack-defense, it offers a fast, effective game for cardio, endurance, speed, resistance, skill, technique, team spirit and fair play development (contact is prohibited).
Cardiogoal can be played from a very young age and is also suitable for wheelchair players. This sport can be practiced anywhere: indoor, on grass, on sand or on synthetic ground.

Ref. M491180

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Ref. M491180
Brand Spordas
Diameter 50 cm
Material polyester