Set of 6 Rubbabu Sensory Balls video Set of 6 Rubbabu Sensory Balls Set of 6 Rubbabu Sensory Balls
Set of 6 Rubbabu Sensory Balls

Set of 6 Rubbabu Sensory Balls

The velvety soft surface of these balls provides sensory stimulation. The perfect size for one-handed or two-handed play. They bounce well making them versatile toys for many games. The soft material keeps young children safe and is great for kids with special needs. Great for developing fine and gross motor skills!

Fun, didactic, safe and durable!
Discover our range of Rubbabu toys. Rubbabu toys are the only ones in the world that are made out of natural rubber foam.
These soft, colorful fuzzy toys are perfect for ages 0-6 years or for therapy use. Rubbabu toys excite the imagination. Moreover, Rubbabu toys can be considered as ECO materials:
· They are made out of latex, that originates from a rubber tree or an Hevea;
· Raw materials are then biodegradable and renewable (an Hevea produces latex for 25 years approximately);
· They are made by hand, using mechanical processes instead of chemical processes.

Ref. M452255

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Additional Information

Ref. M452255
Brand Rubbabu
Weight 95 g
Areas of application relaxation, reaction, rehabilitation, fine motor, attention increase, stress reduction, play, tactile stimulation, color recognition
Material natural rubber
Diameter 10 cm
Age As from 1 years old
Color 6 colors


SAFETY AND CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Not a teething toy. Clean with a damp cloth.