Set of 6 Slow Motion Balls Set of 6 Slow Motion Balls
Set of 6 Slow Motion Balls

Set of 6 Slow Motion Balls

The Slow Motion Ball™ is an innovative approach to teach kicking, tossing and catching skills for students with physical disabilities and developmental delays, as well as general physical education students. By carefully adding measured amounts of a granular medium inside the ball, and using a highly tactile surface, we have made the patented Slow Motion Ball™ easier to kick, dribble, and catch. The internal medium also regulates the speed and distance the ball travels, which is slower than traditional playground balls. For students with ambulatory challenges, this keeps the ball in closer proximity and provides for a meaningful opportunity to learn new skills.

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Ref. M581175

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Ref. M581175
Brand Stimove
Practice place inside
Areas of application rehabilitation, hand-eye coordination, play
Material PVC
Diameter 20 cm
Weight 270 g
Delivered inflated / uninflated Delivered non-inflated
User child
Color 6 colors