Set of 6 TableLoons Set of 6 TableLoons Set of 6 TableLoons
Set of 6 TableLoons

Set of 6 TableLoons

Ideal for table tennis initiation.

These paddles are simply the best way to learn any paddle game in a funny way. The very lightweight Loons Paddles are made to last, thanks to their rigid steel frame. Their foam handgrips have been developed for users from all abilities. The elasticized-micromesh striking surface gives it trampoline-like responsiveness that, with very little effort, will literally propel balloons and light balls high into the air. Moreover, you will never hear a single noise on using the Loons Paddles.
Ideal to be used with Fluff Balls, Success Balls, Scarfballs, All Balls, Tail Balls and small foam balls.

Ref. M561050

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Additional Information

Ref. M561050
Brand Spordas
Level initiation
Practice place inside
Racket handle material foam
Length 36 cm
Length racket handle 14.50 cm
Diameter 21 cm
Weight 106 g
Color 6 colors