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Swing Ping Pong

Swing Ping Pong

Swing Ping Pong is a fantastic training tool to encourage movement in the wrist, hands and arms. It also develops hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
Simply attach onto a doorframe, roof or gymnastic bar with the included velcro, pull down the ball and try different strokes and various heights. The string is up to 240cm long. Great reward, as the ball always returns to the user.
Suitable for children from the age of 3, with or without disabilities, for the elderly, and for those undergoing rehabilitation for brain injury. Repetitive training can strengthen and create new relations between nerve synapses. Ideal for Occupational Therapists, looking to gain better wrist and hand movements in a fun way.
Use your own bats, or they can be purchased seperately (i.e. M435250).

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Ref. M435214

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Ref. M435214
Brand Swing Ping Pong
Material polycarbonate