TriBall Fun Volleyball Net System TriBall Fun Volleyball Net System TriBall Fun Volleyball Net System TriBall Fun Volleyball Net System
TriBall Fun Volleyball Net System

TriBall Fun Volleyball Net System


The Park and Sun TriBall Fun Volleyball Set brings, literally, a new dimension to volleyball. Play team v. team v. team with the first-ever 3-way volleyball net. This lets you bring in more players (1 to 3 players per net section), keep more distance between players, allow new and exciting plays and create an unforgettable, colorful sports experience. To be used on sand or on grass.
Each TriBall Net System comes equipped with quality materials. To keep the net system upright, it includes three telescoping steel poles (with three height adjustments), colorful three-way volleyball net (net section length: 2,44m), specialized TriBall boundary, kept upright with durable guylines with pulldown tension rings, and planted firmly with steel stakes, and a Soft Touch volleyball with hand pump. All of the equipment fits neatly into heavy-duty carrying bag - convenient when you're on the go!

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Ref. M111950

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Ref. M111950
Brand Park&Sun Sports


Available as from July!

How to play Tri-Ball™
What is Tri-Ball™? It’s team v. team v. team with the first-ever 3-way volleyball net. Your team can create new and exciting plays for an unforgettable, colorful sports experience.
• Each team begins each game with 7 points. Each team’s objective is to hold onto as many of those 7 points as possible.
• Tri-Ball™ is “Fast Point Volleyball”. This means that every time the ball is served, a point will be lost by one of the three teams on the court.
• A team loses a point each time they miss-hit the ball out of bounds, allows the ball to drop into their court, or commit a net or serving violation. You lose points when you
commit serving errors. You never make or gain points back. (See how to score for
more details).
• Each game is separated into three quick rounds. In each round, teams will alternate serves, by rotating serve clockwise,and repeated until the game is over.
• Opponents net can be used on service.
• The game ends when a team has lost all 7 points.
Like standard volleyball, your team must rotate each time it is your next player’s turn to make their serve. Substitutes may be introduced after each round of serves. Substitutes must take the position of the player that is being substituted from the game. Players already in the game must remain in the same position and serving rotation.
Serve is rotated clockwise to the next team.

The Object of the Game and How to Score
Each team begins the game with 7 points. Because you begin with 7 points, the main objective in Tri-Ball™ is to finish each game with more points than your other two opponents. Your strategy should be to defensively retain as many points as possible, while offensively chipping away at the points of your opponents. You should target the team that has the most points of the team closest to your score, if you are ahead.
Points are deducted from your total each time you:
• Hit the ball out of bounds. Fail to safely return the ball to either of your opponents.
• Allow another team to land the ball in your section.
• Hit the ball into any net on your serve. Hit the ball at any time into the far net that separates your two opponents.
• Foot fault during serve.
• Serve out of rotation.
• Fail to rotate your team members in a clockwise pattern each time a new player on your
team serves.
The object is to play good defense and safely return the ball to either of the opposing teams allowing them to error and lose their points. Playing aggressive offense should be aimed at reducing the points of those teams that have more points than you. Balancing consistent defense with tactical, aggressive offense is the key to finishing each game with the most points.